Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

An Amicable Approach To Divorce

Divorce does not have to mean litigation. It does not have to mean fighting. It does not have to result in a winner and a loser. Divorce can be a calm, respectful process where both parties focus on finding an agreement that protects their rights and preserves their ability to co-parent their children.

At Fletcher Family Law, LLC in Centennial, we guide men and women in Colorado through collaborative divorce and mediation. We focus on limiting the emotional strife and finding solutions that are best for everyone involved. Wherever possible, we will pursue these amicable methods in lieu of costly litigation.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

More people than ever before – particularly parents – are recognizing the value in not burning all their bridges in divorce. Collaborative divorce is a process where soon-to-be ex spouses work with a team of professionals to craft a divorce agreement that reflects their circumstances, needs and goals. The decisions in collaborative divorce are left to the participants instead of the courts, providing an opportunity to achieve a result everyone feels good about. Collaborative divorce is confidential and costs considerably less than resolving these issues through court.

What Is Family Law Mediation?

Mediation is a process where the two parties work with a neutral third party mediator to create a divorce agreement that covers family law issues such as child custody, property division and alimony. If an agreement cannot be reached in mediation or arbitration, parties can choose to litigate issues of disagreement.

Let Us Help You Find A Better Way

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